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Hardwood rings by Lashbrook use real and exotic hardwood ethically sourced from all over the world. The woods available include rare burls and spalted species giving the rings unique character and variety. Each piece of hardwood varies slightly in color and grain patterns so every wood ring by Lashbrook is one of a kind. One can choose between 12 species of exotic hardwoods to combine with their favorite metal, style and finish to create their own perfect Hardwood ring.


Lifestyle rings by Lashbrook are designed to reflect the wearer’s personality, passions and life. Choose from a wide range of lifestyle options including religious symbols, Celtic inspired patterns, tire treads and sports. You can also custom create something that represents your uniqueness!

The Lashbrook Meteorite ring is made entirely in the United States using authentic Gibeon Meteorite from Namibia, Africa. Gibeon meteorite is well known for its striking Widmanstatten lines. These lines are formed over millions of years to create a crystalline structure exclusive to meteorite, making your ring unique in its pattern and a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Any Lashbrook style can be ordered in precious metal, including 10K, 14K and 18K Yellow, Rose and White Gold, as well as Palladium and Platinum. Precious metal inlays are available in all contemporary metals and can be inlayed to form a unique two-tone look for a mix of classic and modern.


This kind of Lashbrook ring is made using licensed camouflage patterns created through sophisticated graphic design, high definition photography and photo-realistic printing. Modern camo is made to mimic virtually any environment in vivid, 3-D, high-resolution detail.

The Lashbrook Damascus Steel ring is exclusively produced by our master craftsmen in the United States. These craftsmen mimic centuries old metalsmithing techniques believed to have originated in the Middle East. We alternate two types of Stainless Steel then twist and fold the metal by hand to produce vivid patterns making your Damascus Steel ring a unique masterpiece.


Ceramic and Tungsten ceramic rings by Lashbrook are materials made through a high-tech sintering process.  Sintering is the modern adaptation of the ancient art of firing clay and stone materials to create pottery and other products. These rings are extremely hard and scratch resistant. Ceramic is black all the way through and non-conductive. Tungsten Ceramic offers a sleek two-tone look. Personalization through laser engraving is available, but there are no other customization options. Care must be taken in wearing as these rings may break if worn in abusive conditions.

The Lashbrook Zirconium ring iss made in the United States using a high-tech Zirconium alloy. Zirconium alloys are used in exotic applications ranging from nuclear reactors to incendiary munitions. It is a silver/grey color in its natural state, but its hard, black oxide layer creates the perfect look for use in jewelry.


The Lashbrook Cobalt Chrome ring is made entirely in the United States using aerospace grade Cobalt Chrome. Cobalt Chromium alloys have been used extensively where great strength is required under incredible temperatures. These applications range from jet engine turbines and afterburners to orthopedic and dental implants.



The Lashbrook ring uses Mokume Gane, which is a Japanese phrase that means wood grain metal. Mokume was developed during the 17th century among Japanese master metalsmiths to add adornments to the samurai swords of the elite warrior class. Lashbrook artists forge together different precious metal layers, then twist and hand-work the metal into stunning patterns resulting in one-of-a-kind rings.


The Lashbrook Carbon Fiber ring utilizes structural, solid Carbon Fiber and is made entirely in the United States. Our Carbon Fiber is produced locally by one of our partner manufacturers whose products can be found in high-tech applications varying from Formula 1 racing and aerospace engineering to competitive cycling.


The Lashbrook Titanium ring is made in the United States using aerospace grade Titanium alloy– Ti6Al4V. Titanium has the highest strength to density ratio of any metal, making it ideal for use in products ranging from golf clubs to naval ships, and from racing engines to spacecraft. Durability and strength combine to make your ring one of the most comfortable, longest lasting rings in the world.