Swiss Watch Service

Your mechanical timepiece is more than just a watch.  It is a finely tuned precision instrument.  In fact, it has hundreds of small moving parts within it’s movement that keep it ticking accurately for years.  With time, these parts begin to wear down and the lubricating oils start to weather away, the seals and gaskets preventing moisture from entering the case will dry up and the watch will begin to lose time.

Most Swiss manufacturers recommend servicing your watch, much like an automobile, typically every 3-5 years.  The servicing will vary from a basic check up to a full overhaul and many stages in between.  Watch brands will insist on a an expensive full service with nearly 8 weeks of wait times or more.

At Carats & Cents we have been performing this service for clients for years.  We utilize CW21 certified and trained watchmakers who can diagnose and repair your timepiece utilizing original manufacturer parts and accessories, often at a fraction of the cost and time frame of the manufacturer’s service.

There are several levels of service to our clients for most luxury brands.  Below are some of these services.  Please contact us for your specific needs and to receive a quote.

  • Basic – Includes diagnostics of timekeeping and pressure testing, ultrasonic cleaning and refinishing of watch back to factory original finish.  Starting at $195
  • Comprehensive – Includes Basic service plus new seals and gaskets, timing adjustment and 3 day timing test utilizing 7 different positions on electronic graphing.  Also includes a 6 month warranty. Starting at $495  
  • Complete Overhaul – Includes Comprehensive service plus full movement overhaul.  Your watch will look and perform like the day it was new. Starting at $595