It’s time for a topic of conversation that gets woefully missed during all the wedding preparations.  Let’s face it, guys basically only deal with the ring and the honeymoon.  The rest ,as they say, is ‘all about the girl’.

But that it’s not.

He spends the time and picks out the perfect ring for you poring over countless designs and specifications and investing time and money into something that will be photographed, instagrammed, and posted to hundreds -if not thousands- of people.  Well ladies, it’s time to invest a bit of that back.

Case in point, gone are the old school days of just getting a plain gold band, now there are options for guys too! Most guys wear their wedding rings every day and given their respective occupations tend to put the rings through the rigors of the daily grind. Historically, this was just a plain band that slowly evolved into subtleties like a little milgrain here or a hammered finish there.

I recently sat down with a couple to discuss Lashbrook.  A company that stakes its name on custom creations specific for guy’s wedding bands.  They have mastered the technology of inlays and have created wonderful combinations of materials that reflect the interests of your fiancé or spouse. The best part is you get free lifetime guarantee on repairs and sizing!

If you like wood inlays there are various woods from different parts of the world that can be inlayed from the lighter Orange wood to darker Burl woods.  There are even designs that are from out of this world! Check out the meteorite designs from actual meteorite rocks that have landed on earth.

It’s also nice to get something that has to do with his lifestyle or interest.  The new camo designs are great for outdoorsman and so are sport themed items for the sports buffs. There are really a host of materials and combinations to choose from and in my case the couple chose a carbon fiber inlay to represent his work.  You guessed it right: He’s a mechanic at the local BMW shop. 

Lastly, it’s a nice conversation to have when thinking about various engravings.  There may be perhaps a word or phrase that can be engraved or a date that means something.  Lashbrook can do heart scans and fingerprints as well!

Ladies, it is high time we put some effort into deciding what your guy will be wearing for the rest of his life and to have it reflect his interests and lifestyle. Lashbrook bands make a great “upgrade” gift as well if you are looking to personalize a wedding band from a plain gold one.

Feel free to pursue the online catalogs on our website by clicking the link here. Remember the catalogs may take some time to load as they are large files. If you want to know what they will look like, make an appointment and stop by at Carats & Cents to check them out in person. We run subscribers-only specials all the time so sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned!



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