The first thing a Rolex owner does when they purchase a new Rolex is simply marvel at the design and finish of the dial.  A close second however is the bracelet that accompanies the watch.  Rolex has nearly perfected the metal bracelets whether they be Oyster, Jubilee, or the Presidential.  They have a wonderful ability to dress up the watch with polished center links or provide a brushed steel finish that exemplifies the capabilities of the tool watch.
Rest assured, this writer loves his metal bracelets, but enter the realm of Everest Horology for a moment.  Everest has straps in both Rubber and Leather and come in a variety of colors and designs. They are exclusively made for Rolex and Tudor watches, which already tells you they are fans of the brand themselves.


Every jeweler knows, if a Rolex isn’t perfect it’s fake.  Such is the fit of these straps as well.  The seamless integration with the curved end is spot on when installing these straps.  The thickness is moderated for thicker cases such as the Sea Dweller, and thinner cases for DateJust models to stay consistent with the lugs.  The leather options even have a steel end link option which replicates the bracelet and integrates right into the watch.  Looking at the new Oysterflex Yachmaster in Rose Gold from Rolex themselves will give you an idea that Everest Horology surely got it right.  The bracelets are wonderful, but you aren’t going to be shortchanging yourself on fit with one of these straps either.


If you aren’t already familiar with it, allow me to introduce Vulcanized Rubber. There are countless materials that say that they are “rubber” such as silicone, thermoplastic, EPDM, HNBR, NBR and of course true Vulcanized Rubber. Other than Vulcanized Rubber, the others just do not have the benefits of Vulcanized Rubber as watch straps. Everest rubber straps have excellent resistance to UV rays, excessive heat and cold, stretching, tearing, dirt & dust, abrasion, chemicals, staining, and even water. The unique rubber polymer is molded in Switzerland to precise dimensions and will last for countless years of abuse while still looking excellent.


When Rolex comes out with unique color combinations it’s usually industry leading.  The green dials have this sunburst sheen in some cases like the “Hulk” submariner or a gentle Olive grace like on the Two Tone Mid Size DateJust.  These straps help accentuate these colors by providing either a dark contrast such as black or enhance the colors by using blue, green, or the like.  A very popular trend is to take a color from the dial and match the strap to it, such as the new Rolex Explorer 2’s orange second hand combined with an orange strap.


Giving your Rolex the Everest Horology treatment ensures a sportier enhanced look for the environment you are in.  The leather straps are a wonderful option and come in a variety of colors and designs.  The perforated racing band with red stitching is very popular with the Daytona’s racing heritage.  These can be paired with the white or black dials as well.
Everest always follows three cornerstones when developing a Rolex aftermarket strap: First, aesthetically they keep the essence of a Rolex watch. Secondly, quality and attention to detail is of the highest echelon with all of our products. Thirdly, the Rolex replacement straps are the most comfortable watch straps available. When you purchase an Everest Leather Strap you will see the value immediately and for a long time to come.


One of the unique characteristics about the Rolex Submariner and other Rolex sport models is the connection of the patented solid steel end link to the case of a Rolex watch. Everest has created a completely unique steel end link leather strap system that provides a solution to a 50-year-old problem – the unsightly gap between the end of the leather strap and the case of a Rolex watch. As with all Everest products, keeping the essence of the watch is a key feature. The Everest steel end link leather strap system has an original manufacturer’s look to it. This bespoke watchband and steel end link system will give a new life to your Rolex watch.
If you haven’t given Everest Horology a try, I recommend you do so and see how they step up your wrist game.  We love the original metal bracelets, but it’s great to switch them out for the environment you are in or to enhance the watch colors.  They are available on our online shop HERE or you are welcome to come to our store to try them out in person.
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